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Stand 30.3.2003

Sydeny 1997 ...

It was a turbulent year the year 1997. In February to Thailand in September to Sydney! The trip to Australia was half-sponsored by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. OK there was one problem: I had to work for two month...

Because of my airline (Garuda Indonesia) I could manage to stay one Day in Jakarta and one Day in Bali on my way back home. In the end I did not like it too much. Tourism is so new for them, that they can't handle it...

The first impressions of Australia were much better. I had beautiful weather to look at all the important sightseeing: Harbour-Bridge, Opera-House with a beautiful passenger-liner, the new casino, Wallaringa Mansions, ... You don't know the famous Wallaringa? That's the place I have been living - sports friend!

Travelling on your own has got an advantage: You meet new friends! There are of course Birgit, Martina and Nora from the office. Working there was really cool. We had a young boss (can you find her on the picture?) and an own office. To be honest, it was the first time that I could call a table and a phone my own.

There is life after the office! Starting with a brunch at the boss´ place (we left when it was dark) and together with Peter and Gilbert I got the first impression of Sydney nightlife. In Down-Under (I thought) the "hangover" will be a "stand-up" - wrong! You're hanging the same direction! Nevertheless I continued with my sightseeing. The harbour is fantastic, Mainly is beautiful and the skyline is remarkable. (If I had to describe more things I would run out of superlatives...)

Of course I havve seen kangaroos - wrong? To be honest this is just the small brother of the kangaroo ... Another "must do" is to go surfing at the Sydney Northern Beaches. Together with Christian we could manage to try it. (I would like to say Christian that I finally could manage to stand up in Bali!)

Sailing in Sydney harbour is ultimate. There was one man who made it possible for me to sail several weekends: Philip Mellor! A small message on the blackboard of the RSYS (Royal Sydney Yacht Squadrom) was my key to sailing. It was always great fun together with Peter, Monojit, Julie, Rodolf and Gabi - a colourful crew. But Philip was always cool enough to race with us, even in "troubled water" ... I would also like to say a special "Thank You" to a great family! Marga and Tony in Newcastle showed my (a "far-away" relative of a friend of mine) a little bit of "Australian life-style".

It doesn't matter how far you are from home, you'll always meet people from Vorarlberg. There was a small group of "au pairs" in Sydney! I met them by accident: Rainer, Bettina and Angelika. We went to town quite often, but unfortunately we couldn't manage to sing "Oho Voradelberg" at Circular Quay. I also met Lorenz in the house I was living. Because he is from Bern we went to Rosie´s Restaurant to eat "Zuriker Geschnepfletes".

Der Spruch zum Schluss: "Seid's ös aus di Bundesländer? (Zitat: Birgit)

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