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Stand 30.3.2003

Swansea ...

Yes - it was a beautiful year there. The beginning was a bit tough but in the end it was simply great or "lovely" to use a popular word. Well this few links should be a little remember of Swansea. I would be very happy to hear something from you ...

Here are some of my hottest links concerning Swansea:

  • a presentation of Swansea for my friends in Austria with a lot of pictures (in German - sorry)
  • my stories from Swansea and the surrounding area (also in German)
  • my pub guide in Swansea - the essential collection
  • my photo album - why did they call me "paparazzi"?

Asia '98

It was a great time there. Click here to see more ...

Sydney and more

Don't think it was just a holiday - it was work too, but naturally I just show the bright side of live ...